The Gittite Way


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The Gittite Way is a practical, purposeful short book. It is a Way of living that makes sense. it is a Way of thinking that is practical, yet hopeful. The Gittite Way is a philosophy for those sick of philosophies, sick of oppressive traditional religious beliefs, sick of the divisiveness between religions. The Gittite Way is a way out of religion, but also a way into spirituality. It is a Way where you and God can both be Free to be who and what you really are. The Founding principle of the Gittite Way is this: Freedom. A Gittite demands Freedom for himself and others… he must be who HE is rather than whom others want or even demand that he be. A Gittite is at his best when he is wasting no energy being what he is not. Being a Gittite is not about adopting anyone else’s rules. It is about being who and what God made you to be and going out of your way to allow the same for others. The Credo of the Gittite Way is this: I will go up and down with you. A Gittite is not a fair weather friend, he is a friend who remains when all others have left. He is a friend who knows that part of life is making mistakes, often times huge mistakes. That those mistakes don’t define a person, they develop a person. A Gittite must embrace his own mistakes and become a better person by the experience. Knowing that mistakes are an expected part of life, he must always allow for them in the lives of others. When those mistakes are made he will go up and down with his suffering friend. The Doctrine of the Gittite Way is simply this: Love God, Love Others, Don’t Judge. I submit that it is not even possible to love God unless you first stop judging others and start loving others as well as yourself. Those who first judge themselves will learn they are not qualified to judge others. Recognizing that you have just as many issues in your own ways as others have in theirs is the first step to getting past disliking others and loving others instead. Once you love others then you will find yourself loving God. God loves you exactly the way you are, He really does. He knows you inside and out. He is not disgusted by His own workmanship… He did make you. A Gittite accepts himself. A Gittite acknowledges that even his most intimate, hidden flaws are part of what makes him unique. Those flaws are part of what God Himself uses to make you a better person over the course of a lifetime. A Gittite embraces this not just for himself but for others as well. Don’t Judge, Love Others, Love God. The Fellowship of the Gittite is not an organization you can join, it is simply a fellowship of individuals serving God and/or Man in many, many different ways. What we share is that we are Gittites! I realized the 10 Tenets of the Gittite Way over a long period of time and wrote them down in the hopes that others who feel like they are Gittites too might benefit from them as much as I have. It’s time to be Spiritual AND Free. This is the Fellowship of the Gittite, you are welcome here. I am a Gittite, maybe you are a Gittite too.


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