About the book

A Gittite is someone who other people think cannot be used of God, but ends up being used by God in powerful ways. This philosophy is based on the Old Testament story about a group of people called Gittites who served as King David’s personal guard. They were not Hebrews. Yet they protected David when everyone else turned against him. As a result, God blessed them richly.

The Fellowship of the Gittite is not a religion. It is a way of being. It exists apart from religion, and apart from politics.

The Fellowship of the Gittite does not own a fancy building, does not have an office and asks for nothing from its members. It is simply a fellowship of unique individuals serving God and their fellow man in many, many different ways.

It includes people who don’t consider themselves religious at all, and many who do. It is based on the philosophy that anyone who seeks Truth will one day find it … even if the path they take is different from everyone else’s.